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We are extremely delighted with the positive response and support for mYPads that we have received as a result of the recent media interest. We have been inundated with enquiries about mYPads and in order to ensure that we deal with enquiries promptly and efficiently, we thought it would helpful if we clarified a few points:

  • We've  had many enquiries from people wishing to know how they can rent a mYPad. Once installed at our 2 sites in 2014, mYPads will only be available to young people who live at our hostels. However, we hope that in the future other housing providers might take them on board. We wish everyone good luck in finding a home of their own!
  • We have been through a rigorous research and development process and we have been road testing mYPads for the past year. This has informed the eventual  innovative design and concept. We have been working closely with a group of suppliers and contractors during this phase and are not looking for alternative solutions.
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About mYPads

London's shortage of affordable accommodation has created a "revolving door" pattern of homelessness. Many young people leaving supported accommodation simply cannot afford to gather the huge deposit needed to secure a flat in the Capital. The result is that they often find themselves back at square one, returning to the supported acommodation service they have just left.

To respond to this need, Forest YMCA are developing an innovative form of low-cost housing for young people who are leaving supported accommodation and starting full-time work.

The accommodation will enable them to live independently, while at the same time saving funds for that all-important first deposit.

are containerised units that are being converted into affordable homes for Forest YMCA residents to rent at a rate of 30% of minimum wage. They can be delivered to any empty site and be ready for use straight away.

In June 2012, the first two prototype homes were to our site in Forest Road. Staff and visitors have been testing them for temperature, noise levels and general comfort. The feedback will inform the design of the final working models.

Please visit our mYPad FAQs page for further information.

We need raise vital funds to sustain the mYPad project. To make a donation to support our work with young homeless people, please visit our donation site or text  followed by the amount you wish to donate to. (Example: FYMCA12 £500)

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"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

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