Properties Wanted

Are you a Landlord with property available to lease? Forest YMCA (FYMCA) is looking for properties in the London Borough of Walthamstow, and neighbouring boroughs, to lease as semi supported accommodation for its 'move on' residents.

Forest YMCA is one of the leading providers of support and accommodation to young homeless people between the ages of 16 and 30 at 8 sites across Waltham Forest. We also provide a range of services such as affordable childcare (breakfast and after school clubs), youth clubs, gym and leisure facilities within the local community.

Timothy Pain, Forest YMCA Chief Executive said, "We require several properties to rent, as we are looking for in excess of 24 bedrooms to accommodate our 'move on' residents. 'Move on' residents, are young people that have made the transition from completely supported housing at our main hostel, to preparing for life outside of FYMCA. Most of these young people have been with us for several years and we work with them to achieve set goals, through our programmes and support work. Most 'move on' residents are either in education or employment, or both.

"We work closely with our residents to ensure they are emotionally, socially and financially prepared for independence. Living in offsite accommodation is vital in this transitional stage of their lives, and through a carefully tailored 'move on' plan, they are confidently able to do so with success."

Forest YMCA is looking to acquire and rent a minimum of 12 houses with leases between 3 - 5 years from September - October 2013, and where possible would prefer a commercial or residential property that would house half or all of our 24 residents. We also seek properties with 3/4/5 bedrooms a lounge, kitchen and communal area.

We guarantee timely payment of the monthly rent throughout the lease term. Our residents are under licence and have the licence to occupy, whilst we determine where to occupy. All of our residents enter into a Licence Agreement with Forest YMCA, and should a resident fail to comply with the terms of their agreement, we are legally obliged to act.

Forest YMCA will also be responsible for the maintenance of the properties throughout the duration of the lease, and will ensure that the property is returned back to its original condition at the end of the leasing period.

If you would like to consider leasing to FYMCA and would like further information, please contact Ray Brown on or email .


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